Hex screws are also known as Allen screws, which are common types of screws. A hex screw is a type of screw that has either a six-pointed or twelve-pointed round hole in the head. They are usually flat on top to allow for either a straight blade (or standard) screw driver, or a Phillips head screwdriver. Hex screws are typically used in furniture and other types of construction projects. Hex screws, especially if they’re good quality hex head screws, should not be confused with a cheap machine screw that has a hexagonal shape to the socket, but has a smooth outer surface without any pointy bits.

A quick look at what you might find when you take off an old hex screw

Screws are found in many types of items around the home or office. When you find yourself needing to remove a screwed-in item, but the head is stripped out or you don’t have the right tools, there are some very simple ways to remove them without any special tools. Here are some easy suggestions to help when trying to remove hex screws without any tools.

A helpful tool if you have it available for hard-to-remove screws

If you own a hammer drill, this is the perfect time to use it! Simply chuck up an old screw or some other type of hardened bolt into your power drill and apply some pressure. While taking care not to put any of your body parts too close, give it a few whacks with the hammer drill. Once you have whacked the screw for about five seconds, just keep applying gentle pressure until the screw comes out. A bolt may be used instead of an old screwed-in item if you don’t have access to one.

So, how to remove hex screw? -Hex Screws are easy with these tips and tricks!

One of the easiest ways to remove a hex screw is by using an old pair of shoes. (Don’t worry, you won’t need to use your expensive running shoes). Once in place, grab onto the head of the screw in one hand and your shoe in another. Next, give the screw a few gentle taps with your shoe heel until the screw has moved within reach. Then, simply grab your handy nut to socket wrench and unscrew the old screw.

Old damaged hex screws can be removed using a pair of pliers or vise grips. By placing the head inside one of the openings on either end of the pliers, you should be able to get enough grip on it to twist it free.

If you don’t have any of these tools available, the next best way to remove a stuck hex screw is by using brute force. Simply place your flathead screwdriver on top of the head and with all your might give it a good whack! If that doesn’t do the trick, try placing your hammer in the same place and give it a good whack. The idea here is to basically use the screwdriver as a lever, transferring some of your force from the hammer into the screw.

If you don’t have a hammer drill, this method works just as well. Simply use some tape to secure your screw or bolt tightly in place and apply liberal amounts of WD-40 or some other type of lubricant spray around the threads and under the head. Spraying on a little heat just adds to the effect, giving you that extra little bit of leeway.


These methods may seem like they take too long, but when you’re in a pinch to remove one of those old stripped-out hex head screws, they will come in very handy. Don’t be discouraged if none of them work the first time around. Simply try it again another day. If you have any other methods that work for you, then feel free to leave a comment below.