You’ve just moved into a new place and don’t have enough money to buy those fancy furniture from Ikea. What now? The answer is simple: go to the hardware store and ask for hooks! Yes, you read right: these little metal pieces can hold several pounds so there is no need for a drill. They are much cheaper than the furniture and they can hold more weight.

Types of hooks: wall hooks, ceiling hooks and over-the-door hooks

Every kind of hook has a different purpose. You can choose according to your needs.

How to hang from ceiling without drilling

Get a sturdy piece of rope or chain and wrap it around the hook:

Now you can use it as a carabiner and simply attach whatever you want to hang.

Don’t be afraid that this will damage the ceiling; if you follow the instructions, even an elephant could hang from these hooks.

Tip: When using two hooks (to avoid damaging your ceiling), make sure the distance is not more than 6 feet between them.

Find the beam in your ceiling that you want to hang from:

Now find two more beams on the same height as the one you’ve just marked: These will be your support beams (to make sure the weight is equally distributed)

Tip: Use a laser level to make sure the beams are straight.

Next, mark the spots where you’ll put the hooks on your support beams (the ends of the rope must be on top of these marks).Make two more marks at least 6 feet away from each other on both beams. These are where you’ll put your additional hooks.

Tip: Make sure that the distance between the two beams is not more than 6 feet and that the ends of the rope are on top of each other.

Finally, attach your hooks to both support beams (but don’t hang anything yet!)Then find a piece of sturdy string long enough for you to be able to get from one support beam to the other and hang it from both hooks

Tip: Check if your string is long enough by making sure it reaches the floor from where you’ll tie the ends of your rope/chain. Now you can simply attach your carabiners or ropes to this piece of string and you’ll have a perfect cheap and easy hanging solution!

Tips for hanging without drilling

Although the hooks are very sturdy, you can take care of your ceiling by following this advice:

-Make sure the distance between two supports beams is not more than 6 feet. Also, make sure that the ends of your ropes/chains are on top of each other.

-Always use a thick rope or chain (at least 1″ diameter); otherwise the weight of whatever you want to hang (for example: a heavy mirror) might break the hook.

-Hanging hammocks and swings is not recommended, that’s why we recommend using rope or chains instead of carabiners.

-Always check your hooks before you hang anything from them and make sure they’re tightly attached to the support beams.

-If you have any doubt about these hooks’ capacity, don’t hesitate to contact your friendly neighborhood carpenter.

-Don’t use screws or nails to attach your hook to the ceiling because they will damage it.

Hanging hooks are very useful when you need to hang something from the ceiling without having to drill holes. They are relatively cheap and are made of sturdy metal so they can hold several pounds. This is perfect for hanging mirrors, pictures frames, plants, tools…anything!

So don’t bother with Ikea furniture or spend money on fancy things. Instead of buying one, go to the hardware store and buy all of them! You’ll be able to hang everything without hurting your pocket or damaging your ceiling.