When designing a new bathroom, most people like to think of it as their own little sanctuary. A place for relaxing and de-stressing, so they can start the day fresh and ready to go.

However, this might not always be the case if your bathroom looks dull and drab. Thankfully, it’s not actually that hard to make your bathroom look luxurious on a budget.

Choose a shower curtain that is both stylish and functional

To help you create the perfect bathroom for your needs, here are some tips that just about anyone can do at home.

  • Go bold with color or pattern

When it comes to picking out shower curtains, choose something that is both stylish and functional. It should be made of quality fabric that will last a long time, if not forever. And of course, it should be able to withstand the moisture in the bathroom.

There are several different types you should consider when choosing shower curtains or window treatments for your bathroom. For example, if you want to block out light while still having some view to the outside world, then choose a room-darkening curtain . Or if you’d rather have a little bit of light in the room, then go for a sheer curtain or canopy .

  • Don’t forget about the hardware

No matter how you choose to hang your curtains, they will need something to attach to. This is where curtain rods and rings come into play. They can be as simple as plain metal rods from the hardware store, or you can choose a more decorative option.

Fancy shower curtains with valance

What are shower curtains with valance and why would you want one in your bathroom?

Curtain with valance is a type of window treatment that fits over the top of your existing window frame. The fabric normally has a decorative “valance” on the very top. In some cases, this can be used to hang more curtain panels from. Or it could just be there for show and is not actually functional.

For a bathroom, this type of window treatment is a great way to add style and elegance. They look so much better than standard curtains, without the effort it takes to install a brand new window frame.

How to choose the right one for your needs

The first thing to think about is how much extra fabric you need. Will a single valance be enough or will it need a second one? You’ll also need to consider the size of your existing window frame, and any doorways that might be in your way. If it’s too long, then it will be difficult to open and close doors without getting stuck on your valance. The same can happen if it’s too short.

So, you might have to measure the space first before buying a new shower curtain with valance.

The benefits of having a shower curtain with valance

If you choose to buy a valance for your bathroom, the first thing people will notice is how clean and fresh it looks. This is because there are no gaps between the curtain and the wall. It creates a nice continuous look that really helps any other window treatments stand out.

The other benefit is that it’s even easier to change than a regular shower curtain. This is because you only need to replace the valance, and leave everything else as it is. It’s a fast process that takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

So, if your bathroom needs some sprucing up, but you’re on a budget – maybe a new shower curtain with valance will be the perfect option.

Shower curtains with valance are an easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. You won’t have to install a whole new window frame since it simply fits over the existing one. If you want something stylish, but not too expensive – this is what you should go for.