Having a frosted glass in your home is one of the most amazing ways to add style to your house. It  adds beauty, class and elegance when used for windows or doors.  It’s  a great way to give any room an extra touch of sophistication. If you are looking for inspiration on how to use frosted glass in your home you’re at the right place. Earlier I’ve written an article about using frosted glass for kitchen cabinets  and another one about using it in bathroom cabinet doors ( here ). Now let’s start with some basics on what frosted glass actually is, how to measure for it and where to buy it.

The different types of frosted glass

artistic hand drawn vase by: pixabay.com/en/glass-vase-drawing-vector-2964876/ There are a few different types of frosted glass you can use for your windows and doors. 1) Standard Frosted Glass – basically the traditional frosted glass

Today I’m going to teach you how to make this frosted glass look like it is right out of hollywood. First things first, here’s what we’ll need:

Step 1: Measuring

When you measure your glass, the important thing is that you make sure the top length and bottom length are equal . This doesn’t have to be super exact, but it is important that both sides are the same.

Step 2: Marking

Next you will want to make marks at the halfway point in your glass by measuring the height of the window/glass you are covering and dividing it in half.

Step 3: Cutting

After marking, you will need to cut the glass in half using either a glass cutter or utility knife.

Step 4: The Easy Part

After the cutting is complete, take your adhesive caulk gun and adhearse to one side of the glass only (not the cut edge). I used this large sized adhesive but you can use any size that will fit in your caulk gun or tube.

After you have adhered the first side, flip it over to the other side and do the same thing. I chose to start with this smaller sized adhesive on top of my previous bead. This step is completely up to you. You can also use only one size instead of two different ones if that’s what you prefer.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

After you have both sides adhered, all you need to do is let it sit for a few minutes and then come back and stick the glass in your window opening. Because I don’t have a window sill at my place, I used a deep pan to catch any adhesive that would spill out. If you have a window sill, I would recommend placing the pan of adhesive on it instead.

After you set the glass into place, wait a few minutes and then come back to cut off any excess adhesive that may have spilled out onto your window frame or wall.

And there you have it! The finished product looks just like frosted glass.

And there you have it! The finished product looks just like frosted glass.

2) Privacy Frosted Glass – this type of glass is more expensive than standard frosted glass, but offers more privacy.

3) Decorative Frosted Glass – the most decorative and beautiful of all three types of frosted glass. It’s thicker than standard frosted glass and is used for applications where privacy isn’t needed.

how to install Frosted Window Film The window film

can be installed on glass, plastic or other smooth surfaces. It is usually installed in a room that is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit so the adhesive will set properly.

Step 1: Measure the Window Measure the window that you want to apply the frosted film on, making sure to measure the height and width of it.

Step 2: Find an Adhesive If you have a frameless shower door or other glass-paneled door, consider using Command™ Clear Damage-Free Picture Hanging Strips for mirror installation.