Introduction: reviving your dracaena marginata plant

As long as the temperature is warm enough, you can revive your dracaena marginata. Simply re-pot into fresh soil and move it back to its ideal location. Make sure the potting media reaches at least one inch below the bottom of the container. Dracaenas are very durable plants, but this will help ensure that the plant doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Now that it has been potted properly, you’ll need to hold off on watering for a few days while the roots recover. After about 7-10 days you should water it thoroughly, if not double the amount of water you would normally use.

You’ll want to make sure you fertilize it regularly, and can also do some misting on the leaves if they start to look dry or dehydrated.

If properly cared for your dracaena marginata should be as good as new in just a couple weeks!

So ,how to revive a dracaena marginata plant?

The first step is to water your plant and make sure the soil is moist, but not soggy. This will help to rehydrate the plant before you move it back to its original location, which is ideal since dracaenas are very sensitive when it comes to their exposure to sunlight. You’ll want to make sure the soil has adequately dried out before you move your dracaena marginata back outside, where it will be exposed to sunlight.

If you’re bringing your dracaena marginata back outside, make sure the location is well lit and has plenty of drainage for excess water to escape. You can place your plant on a saucer if needed, or drill holes into the bottom of the pot.

It’s best to keep your dracaena marginata plant in an area that receives eight or more hours of sunlight per day. If you’re bringing your dracaena marginata inside, make sure it’s moved into an area where it can still get lots of light, but isn’t exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. Other types of indoor lighting can work well too.

If the leaves are brown or yellow, you can revive them by spraying them with water

If they’re limp, you can correct that by adding a plant stake.

If your dracaena marginata seems to be wilting more than usual, it might be time to water it. Once you’ve watered your dracaena properly and the soil has had time to absorb the moisture, make sure the pot has been adequately drained. The leaves should be a bright green color when it’s properly hydrated.

As long as your dracaena marginata is receiving proper care, you shouldn’t have any issues with reviving your plant! As mentioned above, dracaenas are very easy to revive. If you’re extra careful in how you take care of your plant, then it should be back to normal in no time.

Providing your plant with the correct amount of light is also important, so make sure to move it accordingly to avoid nutrient deficiencies. If you follow these steps, then your dracaena marginata should be revived in no time!

How do you revive a withering dracaena marginata?

Reviving your wrinkling dracana is easy provided you can keep their soil moist. You’ll want to make sure that the soil isn’t soggy, but damp at most.

If its leaves are brown, yellow, or drooping the best course of action is to simply spray them with water. If they are limp, you can use a plant stake to help perk them up again.


Now that everything is back to normal you should be able to enjoy your dracaena marginata plant for many years. Now might also be a good time to learn some tips on how to care for your dracaenas more effectively, so you can avoid this problem in the future! Keeping their roots moist and making sure they receive proper light are both very important for growing healthy dracaenas.