When changing out a light fixture, you may find that the new one came with two black wires and no white wire. This occurs when you buy a light fixture with a two-wire system. The old fixture had only one black wire attached to it. So now what do you do?

Nowadays there are different types of light fixtures for the home, depending on the design and purpose. When changing a light fixture in your house, it could be because you are remodeling or just because you want to have different lighting instead of the old one. Some fixtures are attached to the ceiling while others are mounted to the wall. Light fixtures can also give off different types of light, like spotlights, track lighting, ceiling fans and recessed lights.

how to wire a light fixture with two black wires:

1. A Line-to-Line Connection. In this method, the white wire is attached to one of the brass terminals on the light bulb and the other end is connected to part of a switch (the common terminal). One of the black wires is attached to the other brass terminal and the other end is connected with the equipment-grounding conductor. The wire that is not attached to a switch becomes your line wire and is attached with one of the silver screws on the light fixture.

2. A Line-to-Neutral Connection: In this method, you attach all black wires with the silver screw on the light fixture. The end of one wire is attached to a switch and the other end is connected with an equipment-grounding conductor. This method works because when you turn off the power at the circuit breaker, both switches in a two-switch system are turned off, so there is no voltage between either of them and their common terminals.

What is the light fixture with two black wires for?

If you have a light fixture with two black wires, one is for the white wire to be connected too. The other goes out to connect to your electricity grid. The black wire is used as the source of electricity while the white wire acts as your return path. So if you can’t find a white wire where it should be then there is either a wire jam or it is connected to the wrong terminal. The black wire serves as the line and the white wire serves as the neutral for this kind of setup.

How can I use it in my home?

The light fixture with two black wires is specifically used as a part of your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). If you have an HVAC system in place then the lights will be connected to it. Then they will go through a fan coil unit which gradually cools the coils until it reaches the desired temperature.

This unit gives you constant temperature so it is not difficult to maintain a comfortable place in your home.

Why should I choose this light fixture over others on the market?

If you are looking for a product that is less expensive with great features then light fixture with two black wire is the best choice for you. This will serve as an investment since they last longer than conventional bulbs and switches. They also consume less power compared to other types of lights, which can eventually help you save more money.

It also produces less heat compared to other types of lights which means that it can be installed in places where traditional lighting fixtures cannot. It is also perfect for hard-to-reach areas like high ceilings, basements or attics. For safety purposes, it has a low voltage but provides sufficient brightness.


In conclusion, if you need to purchase a light fixture with two black wires then make sure that the voltage is low and it cannot be tampered with because it can cause a fire. Make sure that it is UL listed for safety purposes. If you are not experienced in changing lights fixtures then get assistance from an electrician who will do the installation for you. You can also hire experts to make sure that the job is done correctly, since it will help save more money in the end. They are available in all home improvement stores and electric supply shops. So get one now if you want to stay safe at home!