When needing high-quality photos for a presentation or marketing campaign, one often needs to take the time and money to have these photos printed out at a photo processing store.

However, through the service offered by dedicated 9×6 photo printing companies, one can get the same quality of photos delivered directly to their home or place of business.

Additionally, sometimes it is necessary for a large number of photos to be printed out in a short amount of time.

This may include things like photo booths at fairs or carnivals, or other events where people would like to take pictures and print them out right away.

Choose a photo you want to print

After choosing a photo to use, it’s important to crop the image so that only the desired portion is being printed out.

Cropping can be done using free online photo editors or downloadable software applications.

Upload the photo to the website

By using a service’s website, one can upload their photos via the internet.

This is done by either uploading the photo directly from one’s computer or by uploading it to a webspace and then having it downloaded from there.

In this case, as long as the photo was uploaded successfully, you’ll be able to proceed to the next step.

Choose the quantity and size of prints needed

Selecting the desired print quantity and size is an easy process.

Typically, one selects one’s photo printing needs on a dedicated website before proceeding with payment choices.

This may include things like ordering only single prints or ordering multiple prints in bulk packages.

Once this has been decided, it is simply a matter of completing the payment process.

Optionally, share your photo online!

Once you’ve chosen what photos you need printed out and how many prints to order, in some cases it may be possible to upload your photo directly to social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter.

This way, friends and family members who are not able to order prints themselves can still see your photo.

This service is usually offered free of charge, but some websites may require payment for this service.

Once all the required steps have been completed, it is simply a matter of waiting for the printing process to be completed and the ordered prints to arrive at your door or place of business.

If you don’t want the prints delivered to you, you can always pick them up at a photo printing store near your location.

What all of this basically comes down to is that with the right service provider and a little bit of time and effort, it becomes pretty easy for anyone to print pictures out in high quality 9×6 format.

Whats 9×6?

NINE-BY-SIX (9×6) – A multipurpose, pre-sized paper size that is a standard print size for six photos per sheet.

Nine by six inch prints are generally used as wallet prints or as 4″ x 6″ prints in a 3 pocket page or other holder.

They can also be used to print postage stamps.

I’m assuming that 9×6 refers to 9 x 6 centimeters, which is equal to 3.54 x 2.36 inches (wikipedia).

This means that you need 35.4 centimeters of space in order to print out 36 photos on a single sheet of paper.

This is most likely a form of advertisement from the photo printing company, as stated in the article.

With almost 3/4 of a page dedicated to advertisements and links to their websites, it’s unlikely they will pay for themselves through that alone.

Hang your new print on your wall or give it as a gift!!

This appears to be a simple statement explaining the purpose of prints.

However, it may also be a link or a teaser for another service offered by the photo printing company, such as providing services to put the prints directly on walls in homes and businesses.