The Dictionaries define a door as “an opening that leads directly from an outside area into a building, room, or enclosed space.” A lot of churches use their front entrance to let church goers know where to enter.

However, red doors are sometimes used as a sign of something other than the front door. Some churches use their red doors to represent the blood of Jesus Christ which he shed on the cross for our sins. Many have also called this doorway “The Doorway to Heaven” or “Heaven’s Door.”

why do churches have red doors?

The red door signifies that anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, is saved by His blood (Romans 5:9). It is a symbol to those outside that this church believes in the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross.

Many churches now prefer for members of the congregation to enter through the side door rather than the front. The main reason for this is because red doors are far too ominous looking to church members, who all fear judgment day and God’s wrath.

What is the red door meaning in Christianity?

Churches with red doors say that believers should be reminded of the price Jesus paid. The red also serves to show unbelievers that there is no way into this church except through Christ’s blood (red door). It signifies the door to heaven for those who go through it, and hell for those who don’t.

Why are churches often built with a red door?

The red door on churches typically symbolizes the bloody sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross for believers. It is a reminder of the only means by which we can go to heaven. Some also believe that it serves as a warning of hell’s eternal fire for those who choose not to follow God.

Why do some churches have red doors?

Some church buildings have red doors because there is a connection between the color of blood and sacrifice. The most famous example of this is found in the Bible, Exodus 12:7. “But against any of the children of Israel shall not a dog move his tongue, against man or beast: that ye may know how that the Lord doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel.” In this story, God instructed the Israelites to mark their front doorposts with the blood of a sacrificed lamb so that he would know which homes to save from his angel of death. This is why some churches have red doors.

The history of the church doors and their connection to Jesus’ death

Resurrection is a complicated one. Some churches say that the red doors remind parishioners of God’s love and life-giving resurrection, while other churches believe it reminds believers of the blood Jesus sacrificed to save them from their sins (John 3:16). Some churches use the red door as a literal doorway to heaven which is often symbolized by a triangle or an arch. There isn’t one answer, and it’s likely that each church has their own special history and reasoning behind the color of their front doors. What do you think?

Red doors in other religions, including Buddhism and Islam

In addition to red doors on Christian churches, there have been a few cases of red doors being used as a symbol in Buddhist and Muslim places of worship. In a temple located in Yangoon , Burma, there is a shrine that has been dedicated to three brothers who died from HIV/AIDS. The color red was chosen for the shrine because it is symbolic in Buddhism of compassion, protection, and wisdom.

The red door in the Buddhist temple  Similarly, there is a mosque in Kano, Nigeria that has painted their doorway red. The color was chosen due to its association with good health and well-being.


We hope that this article has helped you to better understand why churches chose to paint their doors red. It is a very important part of our faith and shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone who wants to know more about the true meaning of Christianity.