Mirrors are often used in bedrooms. You can use them on dressers or even mounted to your wall. If you have a large bedroom, you might want to try something different. A ceiling mirror is just what you need to give your bedroom a dramatic and luxurious look that will make you feel like royalty.

A bedroom with a ceiling mirror is two stories high with the ceiling mirror dividing it into half. This creates an optical illusion giving your bedroom an extra sense of spaciousness and depth, especially if there are windows on both sides. A ceiling mirror also brings ample light to the room creating a more comfortable and relaxing feel.

how to hang a mirror on the ceiling

Hanging a ceiling mirror in your bedroom is not something that is too difficult. However, this project is definitely more complicated than hanging a regular wall mirror or even a floor mirror. A ceiling mirror requires an extra level of accuracy in measuring and alignment with the help of another person to keep things upright while you are trying to figure out how to hang a ceiling mirror. There are a few steps that you should follow when hanging a ceiling mirror in your bedroom.

What is a ceiling mirror?

A ceiling mirror is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a very large floor-to-ceiling mirror that goes on the ceiling instead of on the wall. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms because they allow more light to come into smaller rooms and make them appear larger. However, placing these mirrors on walls can be tricky because of the weight and size. Installing these types of mirrors on ceilings is a much easier process.

You can find some great deals on ceiling mirrors online, especially if you’re willing to buy them new. However, some online sellers offer secondhand options that are still in excellent condition at significantly lower prices than buying them new.

When should I use a ceiling mirror?

Ceiling mirrors can be used anywhere, but they work best in rooms with high ceilings. If you have a large bedroom and want to make it look even bigger, a ceiling mirror is an excellent choice. In bathrooms, a floor-to-ceiling mirror allows more light to come into the room; however, because of their weight, it’s a better idea to have these mirrors installed on ceilings.

How to install a ceiling mirror

You can easily install a ceiling mirror by yourself, but you should have at least one other person to help. You will need mirror adhesive or mastic, razor blades, tape measure, plumb line and level. Measure the distance between the two places where you want to place your mirrors. Mark these measurements on your wall with pencil so you have a guideline. Placing your mirror adhesive on the back of your mirror, place it on the wall where you measured from. Make sure that the front edges of your mirror are perfectly level and even with each other.

Benefits of using a ceiling mirror in the bedroom

While there are many benefits to using a ceiling mirror, the most important benefit is that it gives your bedroom an extra sense of depth and space. A bedroom with a high ceiling doesn’t only look luxurious; it feels more luxurious as well. Ceiling mirrors can help you achieve this feeling without spending too much money on remodeling your bedroom. It’s an affordable way to increase the sense of space in your bedroom.


Ceiling mirrors for bedroom not only look elegant and luxurious, but they make a small room feel bigger by creating the illusion of more space. If you want to give your bedroom a dramatic makeover without spending too much money on remodeling, adding a ceiling mirror is an excellent option. The process can be complicated but it’s definitely achievable.